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Our Customers' Reviews

best pizza ever and i dont have to repeat my order twice you guys always make my order just right.

— keysha s., oxford, MI

Guido's sent out coupons for a free, small pizza when they first opened. I have been a customer since because they have the best pizza around.

— Gary O., Oxford, MI

I wanted to share my first actual testimonial of Guido's with as many people possible. First off, word of mouth has stated that Guido's is 'The best pizza in Michigan.' (Coming from multiple sources that is!) I decided to put my money where everyone's mouth was and drive to my nearest location which is approximately 45 minutes from here. I ended up at the flagship store in Oxford. First off, the service was excellent. There was no fake smile or pre-rehearsed sales pitch. The staff was incredibly personable and treated me like I had been a regular since day one. ) I tried a large deep dish "The Grand" and a full order of Guido Bread. Not only did it stay hot the entire 45 minute drive, it still tasted fresh as well. Your Garlic Cheese dip was perfect! It wasn't too overbearing nor was it lacking. The Pizza itself was something like I had never tasted before. Crispy yet still had what I could call a 'fluffiness' to it the Grand had a well balanced amount of toppings as well. I feel that when an establishment 'skimps' on toppings they are more or less treating the customer with unintentional condescension. Guido's? Completely the opposite! You have won me over as a customer and I WILL return!!

— Wes I., Dryden, MI

Guido's Pizza is the best!!! I recently moved from NYC, where the pizza is "famous" WRONG! Nobody makes it like Guido's. Thank you for existing :)

— Adam R., Oxford, MI

I tried Guidos for the first time at a friends graduation party last weekend. The deep dish cheese pizza was excellent!

— Rhonda N., Lansing, MI

We were in town for a graduation party and my family LOVED it!! Excellent pizza!!

— Christina G., Noblesville, IN

Best pizza ever!!!

— Kim B., Oxford, MI

We used Guido's for a late night snack for our guest at a wedding reception held at Upland Hills Farms this past weekend. Shawn was very helpful in deciding what and how much to order, Deliver was right on time with some of the best pizza and bread sticks i have ever had. The food was fresh and hot, and my guest couldn't get enough of it. Thanks from the newlyweds, and the parents. You made this very easy and our guest left very happy.

— Jerry F., Royal Oak, MI

The owner, Shawn, is a really outstanding guy. I have been placing frequent orders with Guidos for years now, and they always exceed my expectations. They are a pleasure to work with, and their tasty food is always a treat.

— Alan K., Oxford, MI

Delicious food - changing my carryout service to Guidos!!

— Sharon P., Parkland, FL

Guido's pizza is, and has always been the best pizza hands down! The staff and owner are friendly, and always smiling:) Shawn should be very proud of his business!

— Jessica S., Lake Orion, MI

Awesome Pizza Love the shop


I've been a Guido's Piza customer for over 3 let's begin with their pizzas. I'm a deep dish or thick crust fan and Guido's has never failed to deliver on taste, appearance, a wide choice of toppings to choose from...and all at a very competitive price. I also highly recommend their salads and subs. Their delivery service, in my opinion, is one of the best in the area. My orders have always been delivered within the specified time given me and by very courteous, friendly drivers.

— Gerry P., Oxford, MI


— Angus H., Lake Orion, MI

Great pizza! Great service!

— Jay M., Lake Orion, MI

Could not have been better

— Frances W., Oxford , MI

I have a strong connection to this place. I spent my college years making and serving the best pizza there was at Guidos. The pizza is still out of this world 25 years later. Thank you Guidos for so many memories and excellent food. The catering is great too! The quality of this pizza surpasses any "quick" version by far.

— Dana B., North Branch, MI